Chapter 1 : Getting Lost Chapter 1

To accompany the totes, ALDO commissioned “Our Last Adventure: In Memory of Martha,” a fictional narrative that elaborates on the bond of friendship shared by three high school kids and celebrates the life of Martha, a teen who died as the result of an accident. The story speaks to the universal sense of loss experienced by those who grieve the untimely death of a loved one. This is especially significant to the AIDS pandemic: it kills one child every minute and, with over 15 million children orphaned to date, continues to rob generations of their parents. The consequences of these deaths are far reaching — the impact on the families, friends, and communities of those affected by the disease cannot be overestimated.

Martha’s death was the result of an accident; had she received help in time, she would have lived. The importance of education and knowledge are delivered through the story’s positive, life-affirming message in a way that is in keeping with YouthAIDS’ motivational outreach programs and initiatives that educate and inspire youth to protect themselves against HIV/AIDS.

The point here is simple: HIV/AIDS is a preventable disease. With adequate funding and support, young people can learn to be proactive about staying healthy and coping with the disease. With YouthAIDS, a little goes a long way. $10, the cost of an AFA tote, can help educate and protect a young person from HIV for one year with life-saving information, products, services, and care to last a lifetime.

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