The designers

The delightfully charming Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason are the German-Icelandic couple behind the London-based design label OSTWALD HELGASON.

Known for a subversive use of color and pattern, signature bold stripes and sporty separates, their collections draw inspiration from the worlds of both fine art and technology. Much of what they do is infused with playfulness and humour, and in fact, Susanne and Ingvar are easy to laugh in person.

The collection

Upbeat, light-hearted and joyful – the OSTWALD HELGASON x ALDO RISE Spring Summer 2014 collection’s theme was truly ‘a celebration’. With excitement pouring out of over-saturated colours, high-impact stripes and magically mixedtextures - the wearer isn’t just attending the party, she’s sporting it.

Shop IngvarShop IngvarShop IngvarAlso available in orange
Shop BowieShop BowieShop BowieAlso available in white
Shop ZowieShop ZowieShop ZowieAlso available in midnight black
Shop ColtonShop ColtonShop ColtonAlso available in cognac and midnight black
Shop LyndiShop LyndiShop LyndiAlso available in grey