Holiday Collection: Behind the Scenes with Artist Dalkhafine

Have a glimpse at the creative process behind our Aldo Holiday Campaign in collaboration with illustrator @Dalkhafine. Showcasing some of her finest work, discover this season's women's and men's holiday collection.

Get Ready. Countdown is on.

Over the next 12 weeks, we have lined up a range of talented artists and some of the best-know influencers to create The Aldo Holiday Calendar. From unique ideas to fashion tips, you'll discover something new every week, from glaming up at your office party to going out with a stylish bang on New Years.

We want to make this year the best yet, and there's no better way to start the countdown to Christmas then with our first collaboration of the season featuring French artist Dalkhafine.

Joy? Sparked!

Dalkafine created the holiday campaign illustrations with the intention to represent the Aldo brand while incorporating what the holidays mean to herself: being with loved ones, making people smile and bringing joy to others. She designed stand-alone pieces and created a festive mosaic that feels playful & modern, making us all fall in love with this unique campaign concept.

ALDO X Dalkhafine

When we think of the holidays, the first words that come to mind are gatherings, giving, and togetherness. We wanted every person seeing our campaign to feel a sense of comfort and cheer.

We sat down with Dalkhafine to reflect on this beautiful collaboration. “Aldo is an iconic, Canadian brand; their campaigns are always well thought out and punchy,” Dalkhafine shared. Bright colours and bold graphic elements bring to life the designs meant to be universally enjoyed by all.

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From Paris to Montreal

Dalkhafine moved to Canada from Paris a couple of years ago, finding a second home in Montreal’s Mile End. Intrigued by the artsy vibe & the multicultural roots of the area, she built the perfect cocoon for herself and her cat, Castor Poupi.

It's no surprise she landed in the hip Plateau-Mont-Royal borough. What had attracted her to this city was the art and culture scene as well as the burgeoning artists' community that Montreal is known for.

Mixing Art with Style

Dalkhafine tones down her colour palette with cool shades of dark green, navy blue and black. Bringing prints, patterns, and textures to life with her playful illustrations.

This winter, she is finding new ways to express her wild side with leopard or snake print, to make a statement, and mixed, fabrics like wool and sumptuous velvet to create layering and warmth for more weather-friendly outfits. When she isn’t working on one of her many projects, you can find Dalkhafine wandering in her neighbourhood, rocking her favorite black boots from ALDO.

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