Your Ultimate New Year Resolution Guide for 2020

The countdown to 2020 is ticking! Decide what exciting and explosive things you're going to be doing in the year ahead by finding inspiration from our New Year's Resolutions Guide below.
Your Ultimate New Year Resolution Guide for 2020
  • 1. Try something new

    Who said change can't be good? Explore new styles and trends with bolder looks, like a black patterned ankle boot and a matching belt. Open up your options and allow anything to be possible this year!
  • 2. Meet new people

    If 2020 is your year to branch out of your inner circle and build some new relationships, do it with confidence. Join a club or group activity that interests you and feel your greatest in some of our bestsellers, like our Febriclya heels. You never know who you may meet!
  • 3. Be more eco-friendly

    There’s no reason you can’t look great while also doing great things. Our RPPL sneakers are made using sustainable materials, like algae and recycled plastic bottles. Pick up your own pair and enthuse your sustainable side this year.
  • 4. Stand out

    Let the world know 2020 is going to be your year by accessorising with confidence. Try our Castela hair clips, with colourful gemstones, that will have you standing out of the crowd until next year’s eve and beyond.
Hopefully our guide has helped inspire you to be bolder and braver this year and make some real changes. New you? You're already fabulous darling! Especially with shoes like these.

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