Put your ALDO box (and old shoes & handbags) to good use and make a positive contribution to both the environment and people in need!

We strongly believe in the joy a new pair of shoes brings. Still, we can't ignore the societal and environmental impacts of our industry. Working with Give Back Box is one of many steps we’re taking to reduce waste and support those in need. Sure, we have a long (long) way to go to make large-scale, meaningful change, but we are proud to face these challenges head on and help lead the way. Join us as we partner with Give Back Box to make a difference for the planet and for people in your community! As a special thank you, we are pleased to offer you 15% off your next purchase, once Give Back Box has received your donations.

For more information, please consult our FAQ.

Step by step

  • Pack up your box

    Use the box from your latest ALDO order to pack up your donations (any other box works, too!)

  • Print your shipping label

    Download your prepaid Give Back Box shipping label.

  • Ship your box

    Attach your label to the box, then ship it for free.