Give Back With ALDO!

Pack-Up Possibilities

Give your old pairs a new life by using your ALDO shoebox (or any box) to pack up used goods for donation. ALDO x Give Back Box empowers you to help those in need by distributing your donated goods to local charities fueling community programs. Shipping is free and easy. Now that’s a box for the better.

Want to know more before riding the giving wave? Consult our program FAQs.

  • Geared Up To Give? Us Too.

    Step 1: Pack It.
    Fill your giving box with donation items (anything from shoes, to clothing, accessories and more are accepted).

    Step 2: Print It.
    Download and print your free Give Back Box shipping label.

    Step 3: Ship It.
    Adhere the label to the box and it’s ready to ship.

    Less waste. More good. Who knew an empty box was filled with so many possibilities?

  • Behind the Box

    Meet Monika, founder and visionary behind Give Back Box. Born and raised in Poland, Monika Wiela has loved shoes for as long as she can remember. Case in point – she moved to the US to pursue her passion and opened an online shoe store. One day a chance encounter with a homeless man in need of shoes made her rethink her mission. “What if any online shopper could send something back to aid others?” Give Back Box was born.

    Monika considers the ALDO x Give Back Box partnership a milestone for her mission. In her own words, “Helping is one of the biggest pleasures of my life. When you help, you feel fearless. Courage and confidence come easily when you give.” Her vision is to grow the program so every box has the possibility of being a Give Back Box.

  • ALDO Shares Pairs

    Giving Tuesday or Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. At ALDO, we know that any day of the week is the perfect day to give. Our ALDO x Give Back Box program is always on and accessible to all, with donations benefiting various charities such as Goodwill, Salvation Army and Dress for Success. In the spirit of giving, this holiday season the ALDO Group came together to donate over 1000 pairs of shoes, 150 handbags, many boxes of accessories and shoe care products to those in need. Even employees took part by packing up their very own personal items for generous donation.

Curious to know more about ALDO, outside the box?

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