1 - What is the ALDO Crew?
ALDO Crew is a loyalty program where you get credit for all your purchases. The more you buy, the more benefits you unlock! The program is free to join and well worth your time! From your first purchase , you are ALDO Crew. After spending $150 or more, you become an ALDO Crew Plus member, and at $300 or more you join our ALDO Crew VIP.

2 - What do I get if I join?
At each tier in the ALDO Crew program, you unlock different benefits. For the complete list of benefits, click here.

3 - What do I need to know before I sign up to the ALDO Crew program?
Membership is an all-digital loyalty program where you’ll accumulate credit for all your shopping, both in-store and online. You’ll receive special offers, rewards, exclusive invitations and much more based on how much you spend. In the “My Account” section of the website, you’ll be able to review your transaction history (both in-store and online) for up to 2 years. In order to get credit for your transactions, you will need to provide your email or phone number in-store when shopping, or log in to your account to order online. Your ALDO Crew Credits and Loyalty Tier (if applicable) will be updated within 48 hours.

4 - How do I sign up?
The sign up is easy. Click here, fill out and submit the required information, and you’ll be a member of the ALDO Crew. We treat your personal information securely and confidentially.

5 - Is it free to join?
The ALDO Crew is free to join. Just for signing up you’ll receive a welcome offer and a bunch of benefits!

6 - I signed up in-store, how do I activate my account online?
You’re so close! After having given your information to a Sales Associate in-store, you should have received an email to complete your profile. Follow the link in that email, confirm that all your information is correct, and click “Create My Account” and your account will be active!

7 - How do I earn ALDO Crew Credits?
Every dollar spent at ALDO is an ALDO Crew Credit (with the exception of Gift cards, taxes & shipping fees).

8 - I was part of ALIST before, so now what?
First of all, thank you for being loyal to ALDO! It’s pretty easy to become an ALDO Crew member. All you have to do is log in to your account, and follow the steps to validate your new membership!

9 - Where can I go to find all of my ALDO Crew account information & update my info?
All you have to do is log in to “My Account” section of the website and there you will be able to access and edit all of your information as well as review any benefits you are entitled to.

10 - What types of merchandise count towards ALDO Crew Credits? What doesn’t count towards my Crew Credits?
All merchandise, purchased in-store or online, with the exception of gift cards, counts towards your ALDO Crew Credits. This is excluding shipping fees and taxes.

11 - Can I earn credits when shopping at any ALDO store?
You can earn ALDO Crew Credits by shopping at any ALDO store, accessory store and on aldoshoes.com our points, however, are only accumulated per country, as the ALDO Crew is a country specific program. Currently, ALDO Crew is only available in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. When you sign up for the ALDO Crew, your account will be created based on the country of registration.

12 - How do I identify myself as an ALDO Crew member?
In-store, at the cash you will be asked for your email or phone number associated with your ALDO Crew account, and online, you just have to make sure to login to your account when making a purchase!

13 - What happens to my ALDO Crew Credits when I return items?
When you return an item, the ALDO Crew Credits from that item are deducted from your balance. This return could also affect your membership tier depending on the size of the return and the tier you are in.

14 - What happens to my ALDO Crew Credits if part of my order is cancelled?
Credit is only allotted for completed transactions.

15 - Can I register a transaction after a purchase?
As long as you have identified your transaction in-store (given your email address for an ereceipt) you will have 10 days to register a transaction post purchase. You can contact our Customer Care Center and they will assist you.

16 - Do ALDO Crew Credits expire?
The ALDO Crew program is based on a 12 month rolling base meaning that we will sum up all of your qualifying spend for a period of 12 months starting with first ALDO Crew transaction to determine tier eligibility. Should you achieve the next tier level required spend within 12 months, we'll welcome you into the next tier .What’s even better, is that every time you enter a new next tier, your 12-month period re-starts. As long as you spend the “threshold” amount in that 12 month period, you will remain in that tier. However, if you don’t come back and shop at ALDO within a 12-month period, you unfortunately, will lose either ALDO Crew PLUS or ALDO Crew VIP status, but you’ll still be a member of ALDO Crew. That’s one benefit you’ll never lose!

17 - How do I keep track of my ALDO Crew Credits?
Can’t wait to see your ALDO Crew Credits accumulate? Be sure to log in to your account and you’ll be able to see all your purchases there! In addition, on every ALDO email, you will see your current tier and spend. Also, at the beginning of each season, you’ll get a recap on your “shoe closet” and “savings” throughout your ALDO Crew membership!

18 - Are ALDO Crew Credits transferable?
Unfortunately, you cannot “share” your credits with anyone. You spend the money, you get the benefits!

19 - What happens if I’m missing a transaction?
If you notice that you’re missing a transaction, contact our customer care center with your receipt in hand and be ready to provide them with the transaction ID, date of purchase, store number & value of the purchase. One of our customer care agents will be able to apply the missing transaction to your account. Just note, it might take up to 48 hours for any given transaction to be appear on your account! Due to the overwhelming success of the program, during the holiday period please expect delays in your points balance.

20 - I’m eligible for a reward but have not received anything?
To check for any rewards, make sure to log in to your account, go to the “my benefits” section and then see what’s available. You can also check your transaction history to make sure that all of your transactions are registered. If you didn’t receive anything via email, you should also verify to make sure that your email address is correctly written in your account and that your junk inbox does not have any emails from us!

21 - How soon after qualifying for ALDO Crew Plus or ALDO Crew VIP status will I receive my “status discount”?
Once you have reached the qualified spend, you will receive an email welcoming you to the new tier, introducing all the benefits you can now enjoy and providing you with your annual reward. This email should arrive within 48 hours of your qualifying transaction. Due to the overwhelming success of the program, during the holiday period please expect delays in your points balance.

22 - How long are my “annual rewards” valid for?
The welcome offer is valid for 30 days, but your annual rewards will each be available for 120 days. We’re pretty sure that within 4 months you’ll want to come back and pick out your next favorite ALDO shoe anyways.

23 - Can I combine discount codes together?
Each discount code that you receive cannot be combined with other discount codes that you have. For example - you cannot combine your ALDO Crew Plus discount code with your birthday code. Your discount codes cannot be applied to price drop or bundles.

24 - Where can I find out what’s new?
Make sure to keep an eye on your email inbox and be sure to check the “My Account” section of your online profile. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the amazing benefits we’re going to be giving you!

25 - How can I redeem my 20% off birthday gift?
Shortly before your birthday, you will receive an email with our best wishes and a coupon code that will allow you to save 20% off on your birthday in-store or online.

26 - How can I redeem my $15 birthday gift?
Shortly before your birthday, if you are ALDO Crew Plus or ALDO Crew VIP, you will receive an email with our best wishes and a coupon code that will allow you to go to an ALDO store and choose your gift (valued up to $15). We might even be tempted to sing you “Happy Birthday!”

27 - What does “early access” mean?
Early access is an exclusive opportunity for members of the ALDO Crew to get the chance to see some of the new product(s) that aren’t yet available for sale. You will be able to opt in to be notified of new product) arrivals as soon as they’re available for purchase!

28- How do I get 20% off on handbags/bags?
Once you’ve spent $150 or more, and are part of the ALDO Crew PLUS or ALDO Crew VIP tiers, the 20% off handbags/bags will be automatically applied at checkout online. In-store, remember to identify yourself as an ALDO Crew member (with phone number or email at the cash) and the sales associate who is helping you will apply the discount.

29 - What does the extended guarantee mean?
Our standard guarantee for product defects is normally 2 months, but for our ALDO Crew Plus and VIP members, we are going above and beyond by offering a 6 month extended guarantee.

30 - What does “Share your discount with friends” mean?
When you achieve the ALDO Crew VIP status, you will receive five (5) 20% off discount codes that you can share with your friends! Hopefully, this will entice your friends to start shopping at ALDO and become part of the ALDO Crew. Every 12 month period, provided that you remain an ALDO Crew VIP, you will receive 5 more discount codes to share!

31 - How are you handling my personal information?
We take your privacy extremely seriously and abide by the strictest global norms governing private information and we never share your information with third parties. Please visit our privacy policy for more details.

32 - Can I opt out of email?
As long as you have created an ALDO Crew account, you now have different communication options. You can choose to receive all ALDO communications (this includes all promotional, and ALDO Crew emails), or to only receive ALDO Crew emails, or to receive no emails at all. Please note – that if you choose to receive no communication at all and the onus will be on you to log in to your account to see what’s available to you.

33 - How do I terminate my membership?
We’re sad to see you go! But if you really feel strongly about not being a member of the ALDO Crew , please contact our customer service center and they will cancel your membership.