Designed for weather:
water-resistant & waterproof boots

This winter, keep the wet out and the warmth in. Designed for everyday weather, discover the features that make our water-resistant and waterproof boots built to stand up against the elements.

1.What does water-resistant mean?
2.What does waterproof mean?

  • What does water-resistant mean?

    Water-resistant footwear is designed to repel liquid on contact in light exposure environments – think rain showers or snow flurries. The most important thing to consider when constructing a water-resistant boot is the material: non-porous or impermeable fabrics such as rubber or synthetics allow you to jump in puddles if it tempts you. Alternatively, non-traditional fabrics, such as suede leathers are treated with an extra protective water-repellent coating to prevent water absorption while keeping a fashion edge.

    Extra tip: look for features like thick rubber lug soles with deep treads. This design details allows water to easily pass through the grooves under the boots (instead of on top) for maximum comfort and ease.

  • What does waterproof mean?

    Waterproof footwear is designed to be impervious to water in tough conditions – think snow, sleet or slush – with multi-layered protection. The details are in the seams, or lack thereof! In addition to a water-resistant exterior, our waterproof technology uses a tapered seam-sealed lining membrane (imagine a sock), crafted to envelope the entire interior layer of the boot to keep water out. Other smart design attributes like a wide bellows tongue (when the tongue is attached at the sides) and high zipper positioning were constructed to keep your boots watertight.

    Extra tip: look for a dense, cozy lining like faux-shearling for insulation to pack the heat in and patterned outsole for solid traction and grip on slippery surfaces.

    Designed for weather. Made for style.
    Take on winter in confidence in our newest water-resistant and waterproof boots here.

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