Week 7: Home for the Holidays

ALDO Crew member Nazy (@nazyfarnoosh) and her friends share their tips on how to turn holiday gatherings into the fashion event of the year.
  • A look to remember

    The perfect recipe for a holiday style is to make sure you've got a little bit of sparkle in your outfit.

    A bedazzled heel is the best anchor for your show-stopping outfit, made to have you remembered even in a crowded bar or during a night out.

    There’s also nothing wrong with a bit of glitz at the family dinner. Pair your most glamorous dress with a glammed-out bootie and be the talk of the table.

    Check out all the pieces selected in the gallery below and start planning your looks today.

    • Make a statement

      Whether you’re meeting up with old friends or trying out a trendy new restaurant back home, our Eugenius red patent leather boot is the perfect statement piece. Bright colours and an asymmetric heel ooze confidence and tell everyone in the room you’ve arrived.

      If stilettos are more your style, check out our Cassedy silhouette. Be ready for people to look at you with envy as you strut by in a flash of red. Cap off the look with a red purse and matching lipstick. After all, real fashionistas are bold from head to toe.

      • A class act

        Always pack a pair of dressy shoes and a little black dress. That’s the golden rule of vacationing like a pro. You never know when you’ll need to make a good impression.

        But classic doesn’t have to mean boring. Our Dwaolia boots are easy to wear without sacrificing style. Like any great staple piece, they enhance any outfit and make you feel as good as you look.

        Meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time? Add a touch of sophistication to any dressier look with some stacked jewelry or a pair of hanging earrings.

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