5 Shoe Trends That Will Redefine Your Fall Wardrobe

Although we’re never quite ready to say good-bye to the sweltering summer months, we're low-key excited to dig back into our cool weather wardrobe and #StepIntoLove. Through our latest fall campaign, we're celebrating the self-confidence to express every version of yourself. Because shoes don't just tell a story about where you're going, but who you may become along the way.

The arrival of a new season is the perfect occasion to get a much-needed wardrobe refresh, which includes an opportunity to upgrade your shoe game. Whether you’re totally in touch with your sartorial side or just a guy looking for a simple guide to easy, effortless outfits, look no further. From monochrome styles to chunky boots, we rounded up the top 5 stylish trends and silhouettes that inspire us to #StepIntoNext.

  1. Effortless Monochrome
  2. #1 Trend: Chunky Boots
  3. Cool Colour Pop
  4. Fall Neutrals
  5. Sleek Dress Shoes
  • Effortless Monochrome

    There’s something about a tonal look that feels polished in a not-trying-too-hard kind-of-way. Monochrome is the epitome of effortlessness and there’s no reason why we can’t extend that trend to our feet. If you’re new to the trend, neutrals are a good place to start for an epic monochromatic moment. If you’re feeling more daring, go all out in the GABRIELI, a standout red style that’ll make a statement. The best thing about going monochrome is that it’s super versatile. Dress it up or down depending on your mood (or occasion), with basics or a soft, muted suit.
  • #1 Trend: Chunky Boots

    This season, get ready to be noticed in chunky volumed sole boots. Hit the pavement with an easy, striking silhouette with an eye-catching sole that works with practically everything in your new-season wardrobe. To complete the look, pair with your favourite pair of dark washed jeans or cozy tracksuit.
  • Cool Colour Pop

    A little punch of colour can go a long way. If you’re a less-is-more type of person, you won’t want to skimp on this trend. A colourful outsole gives any silhouette the modern twist it deserves, while a colourful tongue and lace adds personality to a chic, distinguished look. Perfect the look with dress pants and an oxford blue or white button shirt or a gentleman’s suit.
  • Fall Neutrals

    Walk through the crunchy, autumn leaves in style with everyday sneakers that go with everything. The soft, muted colour palette will look super cool on your feet, while adding a fresh touch to your fall ensembles. Pair with relaxed fits like sweat suits, cargo pants and your favourite basic hoodie.
  • Sleek Dress Shoes

    Step out the door in style with cool, sophisticated silhouettes that can easily make any elegant fall outfit. From classic loafers and sleek chelsea boots to minimalist oxford shoes, make your look feel more intentional and interesting with modern styles that are timeless in every sense of the word. Wear with your most polished looks, like a navy suit or dark wash denim, or elevate a simple basic outfit featuring a plain white tee and a beige blazer.
The latest fall drop is a delight. Discover this season’s top trends today.

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