Designing the ALDO x Rocky Barnes Collection

Summer on your mind? Us too. Come take a look behind the scenes at our newest collab with content creator, entrepreneur and model, @Rocky_Barnes. Discover the inspo and design process that brought her effortless summer capsule collection to life.
  • Childhood dreams

    Designing has always been a part of her dream. Rocky Barnes shares, “I used to sketch designs as far back as elementary school and even had a small t-shirt line in high school! I was obsessed with watching old movies with my mom and loved spending weekends hunting for hidden treasures at the local flea market.”
  • Behind the inspiration

    If you look closely, Rocky’s playful DNA has been woven into every part of the collection. From the names of each shoe (inspired by her love of Italy), to the shade of neutrals to match her sun-kissed skin, to the delicate accents as an ode to her Cali-roots, her fun signature style is at the heart of each piece. “I believe it’s important to tell your story through the way you dress- incorporating treasures from your travels into your style.”
  • Collaboration goals

    If you scroll her feed, it is apparent through her love of fun colours and inviting energy that Rocky embodies the spirit of summer. “This collection was truly a collaboration. Together with over a series of design meetings in the ALDO team’s head office in Montreal, we came up with 4 summer sandals and essential accessories - all based on my signature style. I always found no matter how cute the shoes were, if they weren’t comfy you would never end up wearing them! I wanted to create the perfect summer shoe that would be equally easy to wear during the day to dancing at night!
Feel the sun already? Shop the full ALDO x Rocky Barnes: Endless Summer Collection now.

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