Pillow Walk


High top sneaker - Jogger sole
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WaterproofDesigned with water-tight construction, this style is engineered to keep you dry.Learn more
Water Resistant Designed with water repelling materials, this style is made for walking in the rain.
Cold-RatedProudly designed in Canada, this style is engineered to keep your feet warm and dry.Learn more
Pillow WalkDesigned with dual density foam and padded insoles, this style is extra comfortable.
Engineered to keep you dry from the inside out.

Weather-Tested. Style Proof.

Carefully crafted with the highest level of protection from water-based elements, these waterproof shoes were engineered to keep you dry.
Thick SolesIntentionally designed with thicker rubber soles and deep treads, allowing water to pass underneath and providing you with optimal traction and grip on wet slippery surfaces.​
Protective ConstructionEngineered from the inside out with protective linings & seals, closing off any gaps where water could pass through.
Membrane LiningA seam-sealed membrane lining envelops the foot from inside the shoe to prevent water from seeping in.​
Naturally Repellant MaterialsUsing naturally non-porous materials and impenetrable fabrics to avoid water absorption.