How to Clean your White Sneakers

White sneakers are a classic for a reason. They provide effortless styling and endless outfits possibilities that you can wear day after day (after day after day...), BUT the key to this look is keeping them fresh and pristine. We've partnered with Tim Dessaint to help you bring your favourite pair of white sneakers back to life with 3 simple steps. Tim is a London-based creator whose easy, classic style and clever how-to videos have helped millions of people dress (and live) with intention. Without further ado, let’s get cleansing!

What you'll need:

  1. 2 cloths or towels
  2. A bowl filled with warm water
  3. Mild soap
  4. Toothbrush or Suede brush

Step 1: Remove & clean the shoes laces

The first thing you'll need to do is to remove the laces and place them in the washing machine on a high temperature setting. If the laces are extra dirty, treat them with a stain remover and pre-soak before putting them into the wash.

Step 2: Remove visible & loose dirt

Minor scuffs and dirt are just a part of the white sneaker journey. When your leather or canvas sneakers just need a light pick me up, simply wet a kitchen towel to clean off surface dirt. You do the same by opting for a shoe cleaning wipe. For suede sneakers, skip the above steps and clean using a suede brush. First, use the brush side to clean off surface dirt. Then, use the eraser to remove scuffs and deeper inset marks. To ensure that your sneaks always look their best, follow these steps every few weeks.

Need a little bit of a deeper cleanse? Move onto step three.

  • Step 3: Deep cleaning

    Spent all day puddle jumping? For sneakers that need a serious deep clean, take into consideration the material as fabric and leather sneakers require different kinds of love.

Clean your Fabric Sneakers

In a medium-sized bowl filled with warm water, add a splash of very mild detergent or ALDO shoe cleaner. Then, wet a clean towel with the cleaning solution and apply liberally to the sneakers' surface. You’ll want to make sure you remove as much of the stains as you can! When cleaned, take a new damp towel or cloth (with only water this time) and pass it over the surface of the shoe to get rid of any residual cleaning solution. If all fails, use a soft toothbrush to attack heavy stains.

Clean your White Leather Sneakers

For your leather based sneakers, wet a towel or use cleaning wipes to clean off surface dirt, then follow by using a dedicated shoe cleaner to slowly scrub off stains in circular motions.

Step 4: How to keep your sneakers clean

Shoes so stylin’ that you want to break them out the box right this second? Always make sure to waterproof and protect them before taking your sneakers out on the open road. For suede and canvas sneakers, opt to waterproof by using a protectant spray (and spraying them at a 6–8-inch distance). For leather, use a waterproof lotion which will condition the material while also protecting it. Keep it up every 2-3 weeks and your favourite shoes will live a long, happy life.
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