April 18, 2019

Get Ready to Dream: DJ Amrit Sidhu

It starts with a dream. Meet DJ Amrit Sidhu, part of the creators and movers of this generation that dream big, share their art with the world, and inspire their communities.

Australian-born DJ Amrit has always had a love for music. Amrit immersed herself fully in NYC’s nightlife and culture and made herself a creative asset for major fashion brands. Amrit's musical talents have landed her incredible gigs like opening for Jorja Smith, playing at exclusive parties around the world and serving as the right-hand woman to rapper, Tommy Genesis.

You’re the epitome of the multi-hyphenate, as a DJ, model, pianist, and overall influencer: What was the career you envisioned yourself having?
My dream job is being an artist and the medium always changes, so whether I am putting together a set, whether I'm coming on board as a musical director for a show, whether I'm consulting on runway, I've always connected with music and found music to be an outlet that allows you to transcend cultural barriers, language barriers, and allowed you to connect to people. I think that the connectivity of music is what inspires me and keeps me going in my field and makes it my dream job.

You have your toes dipped in so many different spectrums of the creative world; how do you manage it all?
I do a lot of creative things. I think keeping my life in balance really stems from the fact that everything comes in the same place and all the different mediums are just different outlets of expressing myself as an artist.

What is your shoe attitude?
My shoe attitude is fun. These stiletto heels are so me because they're colorful.

You were born in Perth and moved to NYC to pursue your dreams, without a plan. How did you have the courage to do this?
Moving to New York by myself to pursue my dream - which at the time I really didn't know what it was - was very challenging. When I moved there I didn't know anybody, I didn't have a job and didn't have any friends so I was starting from the bottom and I only had upwards to go. It was a money shot. I rolled the dice.

If you could invite your muses or icons for dinner, who would it be?
If I could have anybody over at dinner, I would invite: Michelle Obama, Betty Davis and Oprah. It would be like a bad girls club : me, Betty, Oprah, Michelle.

What’s your favorite part of your work?
My favorite part about all the things that I do is giving back and giving opportunities especially to people of color. So whether it's putting on an emerging artist I found on Soundcloud, booking a model, booking a photographer, consulting with a brand, collaborating with a brand to bring somebody in. Giving opportunity, giving back.

How have you overcome any challenges in your career, so far?
Being a woman of color in the music industry or just in the industry in general is a double edged sword. While it can be challenging, there's also a really tight knit community and you build a family in a place where a lot of people are alone.

What advice would you have for young women who also want to get into the arts or modeling?
The best piece of advice somebody has ever given me and something I like to pass on to people is that you can always ask for more. So not just from a financial standpoint but from an emotional standpoint. You can always ask for more opportunity, more money, more responsibility. The worst you can get is no and you can move on.

What inspires you?
Creative inspiration for me comes in many forms. It can be a podcast, it can be going to a gallery, it could be going for a walk outside with my dog.

What can we expect from your in the next year?
In the next year I'll be doing all the same : deejaying, touring, radio. I'm moving into design, which is a first for me so I have a couple of capsule collections coming out. Fun new stuff. Trying out new things.

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