April 4, 2019

Get Ready to Dream: Orion Carloto
Poet, Youtuber

It starts with a dream. Meet Orion Carloto, Poet, YouTuber and part of the creators and movers of this generation that dream big, share their art with the world, and inspire their communities.

Orion Carloto is an Atlanta-born poet and YouTuber who creates a dream world through her video diaries. Her first book Flux has been published which features a collection of her poetry and prose. Outside of writing, Orion has a hand in art, photography and fashion, combined with her social media aesthetic, everything feels a bit like a dream, and we simply can’t get enough of it.

It all starts with a dream. The spark of inspiration that propels you to pursue your best life. What inspires you?
I would say I could not specifically pinpoint one certain thing that inspires me. I feel like the people that I surround myself with and the books that I read and the photographs that I take really just inspire me in general.

How would you describe your poetry book Flux?
The definition of Flux is constant change and the main theme in my book is change and changing, whether that be in a relationship or as a person or you know the seasons everything is in a constant state of flux.

What’s some songs on your playlist that you love getting ready to?
I love playing "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac in the morning that is my go to song. Stevie Nicks, God what a queen.

What do you love about the vibe of these mules?
The tan block heel mules that I'm wearing not only make me feel tall but they make me feel hot. These shoes are very me because I veer towards natural tones so I would say that if I were shoe it would be this.

    Was there an “A-Ha” moment for you when you knew you had to pursue poetry and writing?
    Growing up, I liked the idea of being an author.I felt that was cool. I just didn't think it was realistic.I see poetry in everything so that being said of course it's going to be a giant part of my life. It is how I personally express myself and how I feel most connected to who I am.

    To be a female poet especially in today's age is awesome. I feel like the rise of female poets is just only growing and I feel so important to be a part of that. I think that's super cool and respected.

    Can you describe your creative process?
    My creative process is getting into a relationship and getting heartbroken. And dealing with that on my own. It's really healthy.

    Why do love focusing on fashion in addition to art and poetry?
    Art poetry and fashion all are here to tell a story whether it's your own or somebody else's. And I think that is magical.

    We saw on your Instagram that writing in your journal was an important part of your creative process, especially when it came to writing Flux; why is that?
    It is extremely important to write in my journal every single night whether I have something exciting to talk about or something not exciting to talk about. At least it's all out of my head and onto something else. Writing my journal is 100 percent a part of my selfcare routine.

    Your poems have a deep effect on readers. What kind of feedback do you love getting most,
    about Flux?

    My favorite kind of feedback from Flux is when people can relate to it because I wrote it from my own personal experiences. It was fully what was happening in my life at that moment and when people can read it and resonate with it in some sort of way I find that to be special.

    How do you stay motivated to create, in general?
    The most important thing that I do for myself to stay motivated is to surround myself with my friends who are also doing amazing and super awesome things and also not to compare myself to them or to any artist for that matter.

    What can we expect to see from you in the next year?
    I am currently writing my second book which I am super super stoked about so hopefully within the next year or two it'll be out.

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