Fall-ing in love with Snakeskin

You’ve probably noticed that snakeskin has been one emerging trend that can’t be stopped. Whether worn as a neutral or paired to give an outfit a wild pop, the versatility of its look means there’s a million ways to mix, match and wear it all the time. It’s caught our designers eyes too. And, they’re giving it a fresh take with their new iridescent snake print, exclusively from ALDO for Fall.

  • Welcome to the jungle

    Animal prints are making a serious comeback lately. Out of all those patterns, it's clear that snakeskin is the hot pick that everyone will be wearing this fall. We'll always have love for our classic cheetah and leopard, but this new ALDO approved print definitely reigns supreme.

    When dreaming up this line, our designers wanted to create a look that could satisfy all of your animal kingdom cravings. Be prepared for some serious footwear envy!

  • The ’90s are back

    Neons, iridescent and holographic patterns are all the rage. It’s almost enough to make us want a flip phone again. And, with all the patterns that our designers saw, this was the perfect time to create a snakeskin print that was beautiful, futuristic and classic all at the same time.

    We’ve layered tones and added highlights to create something uniquely us and uniquely now. The result? A purple pattern that shimmers, catches eyes in the office and dances under the light when you’re out all night long.

  • Head to toe and then some

    Obsessed? Yes.
    We love our iridescent purple snake print so much that we’re putting it on everything. We’ve dug into the archives to find some of our classic silhouettes and we’ve given them a twenty-first-century makeover. And yes, when we say everything we mean everything.

    We’ve covered all of the bases, this collection features those gotta-have heels, sandals, chunky platforms sneakers and a handful of handbags.

  • Simple or Statement

    Snakeskin is easy, powerful, and poppy however you want to style it. That’s why we love it. It can go from casual to wild night out with a simple outfit shift. So whether you’re toning it down with black or adding it in to take your outfit over the top, no wardrobe is complete this season without a bit of snakeskin.

    We know you'll love it as much as our in-house design team at ALDO HQ already does. They’re already arguing over who gets to wear what on which day because nobody wants to be all twinsies at the office when the collection hits shelves.

Shop our fresh take on prints with the new iridescent snake print, exclusively from ALDO for Fall

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