We Broke Up with Single-Use Shopping Bags

Because it’s better for our planet

We’re all for taking bold steps. That’s why we’re giving disposable bags the slip.

Single-use packaging and wasteful habits

Our bags have a very short life. From the store to your home, the resources used to build the bags far outweigh the convenience benefits.

Box redesign in 2008

We’ve already made strides in reducing our footprint with a redesigned box. No need for a bag when your box comes with a handle.

We are breaking up with single-use shopping bags

We feel confident, more than ever, that fully removing single-use bags from our supply chain is the smart and responsible step for Corporate Social Responsibility.

That way, we can keep 8M shopping bags out of landfills each year. That is the equivalent of…

  • 500 tons

    of paper & plastic

  • 114,000,000

    paper airplanes

  • 8,500


Tinx, Noor Stars, Rishab, Irene and Scotty Pippen Jr

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