From Pillow Walk to Flex and beyond, discover all the technologies present in our latest collections.

Pillow Walk Comfort Technology

Discover the technology behind Pillow Walk and what makes our shoes oh-so-comfy.

Flex Comfort Technology

From added flexibility to increased foot control, here's how our innovative Flex technology works.

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From slip-resistant soles to waterproof construction, learn all about the technologies we use to keep you comfortable, warm and protected.


A comfy, cloud-like sole for style that won't drag you down.​


Designed to conserve body temperature in up to -20° weather.


Engineered to keep you dry from the inside out.

Water Resistant

Made with water repelling materials for walking in the rain.


Ultimate slip-resistant rubber traction to keep you grounded.

Warm Lined

An extra warm lining to keep your toes totally toasty.