Putting Our Customers and Associates First.

In these times, we understand that standard practices and procedures need to be updated.
Companies around the world are putting in place new safety protocols, updated experiences & services.

We are continuously monitoring government and public health updates and evaluating the best moments to re-open, on a store by store basis. We will always be committed to putting our customers and associates health and safety first.

As we re-open stores, here's what we are doing:

Updated Safety Protocols

  • New store cleaning guidelines
  • Safety guidelines & tools (such as gloves and hand sanitizer)
  • Safety procedure reminders

Updated Experience

  • Measures to support safe phyicsal distancing
  • Revised store capacity
  • New try-on regulations
  • Adjusted seating areas
  • Product cleaning stations

Updated Services

  • Elevated try-on assistance
  • Adjusted return policy
  • Cashless & paperless options

Visit our store locator page for all updates.