The RPPL effect

Meet the sustainable shoe collection made from Bloom Algae Foam components and recycled plastic bottles.

RPPL for Women

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RPPL for Men

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The RPPL facts:

  • 1-Each pair has helped clean and filter 35 litres of polluted water.

    This is the equivalent amount of water contained in 70 standard water bottles.

  • 2-Each pair keeps 640 grams of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

    This is the equivalent of 7 balloons worth of carbon dioxide.

  • 3-Each pair contains 5 recycled plastic water bottles.

    This is our way of recycling with style.

Why did we design a sustainable shoe collection? Here's the sitch...

We're facing an algae crisis

Pollution is increasing algae production at an alarming rate and our freshwater marine life is at risk. Imagine you could take something that’s harming the planet and turn it into something that’s not only stylish, but sustainable, too.

What we’re doing to help

We partner with BLOOM(TM) to solve the algae bloom crisis — one of the the fastest growing plants on earth — by taking it from polluted waters and putting it into something chic for your feet. For more sustainability specifics, consult our RPPL FAQs!

Every Step Counts

Is there more we can do? Always. And we’re on it. This is one of the many innovative strides we’re taking every day on our unending path towards a more sustainable tomorrow. We’re stepping up in big ways and small to reduce our environmental footprint and create a more sustainable society for all.

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