The RPPL Effect

It all started back in 2019 when RPPL (pronounced Ripple), our first sustainable shoe, hit the market. Made with sustainable foam insoles derived from algae biomass and upper knit materials created from 100% recycled plastic bottles, RPPL definitely made waves.

Now get ready for RPPL Frost, the new generation of RPPL.

Why Every Step Counts

  • The Freshwater Effect

    Each sneaker helps clean and filter 35 litres of freshwater. This is equivalent to 70 standard water bottles.

  • The CO2 Effect

    By supporting the process of Algae bloom harvesting, each pair keeps 640 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) from entering the atmosphere.

  • The Plastic Effect

    The recycled knit in each pair helps prevent the equivalent of 5 plastic water bottles from being thrown out in a landfill.

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