Introducing a Disney Collaboration

Round ears, big bows, red shorts and polka dots, is there anything more nostalgic than that?

By paying homage to childhood classics Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in this Disney capsule collection, we’ve set out to evoke a sense of nostalgia through wearable and collectable items. We all know that it really is the little things that can make every day our own happy place.

The Aldo Way

When we first sat down as a team to dive into this collection, we started with, what were our most coveted memories of the Disney brand? Instantly we were whisked into a free for all of the reminiscings of our favourite Mickey and Minnie moments.

Whether from childhood memorabilia or a recent Disneyland trip to share the love with our own minis, we were carried away into the dream world of loveable characters, family gatherings and above all else, magic.

These special edition items for men and women are meant to be worn, played-in, admired and collected. Playfully balancing between our cherished Disney memories and yet reimagined in a modern interpretation, our offering includes studded loafers (perfect for your upcoming holiday party lineup), slip-on sneakers, our signature Stessy silhouette in an iconic Minnie Mouse yellow, and our custom leopard print on everything.

The capsule can take you from this weekend's statement bootie to your go-to sneakers for your next Disney World trip. Because let's be honest, winter is long and we need some sun.

  • It’s all about Nostalgia

    In honour of Mickey Mouse's anniversary, we decided to focus our collection based on our design team's favorite Disney decade, the 90's. The era that, if anything, gave us glam galore, denim everything, mini backpacks and big, bold colours.

    As a true testament to your current go-to's, the oversized denim jacket, menswear-inspired pieces, and bodycon spandex, our collection features a series of staple pieces that can be put into outfit rotation immediately.

    Bringing to life a collection that pairs fashion glam with bold trends, we worked to find the perfect balance of fun. It’s no surprise that our custom Mickey Mouse leopard print came to one of our designers in a eureka moment after countless sketches, a craze for animal prints and a 2 AM creative session.

  • Disney, Disney, Disney

    Inspired by the bright reds, yellows and blues of our beloved characters, we played with fabrics from neoprene to leather, pony hair and denim to bring to life a collection that was carefully designed down to every last detail. Including white gloves embossed on the back of the sneakers, customized leather insoles, a 5 enamel pin collection (if you didn't know, now you know), and a series of matching his and hers shoes for the true Disney lovers.
  • Inside the ALDO HQ walls, we've been buzzing with Mickey and Minnie energy all throughout our design process and are all heart-eyed emoji head over heels with the final product. We can't wait to catch you sporting our pieces out in the wild, and by wild, we mean in your day-to-day. Bringing to life the true Disney OG wasn't a feat we took lightly but one we did with a passion for sharing a little bit of magic.

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