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  • Corinne - Lug sole - Flat sandal
  • Wovina - Slide sandal
  • Pandra - Thong sandal
  • Oceriwenflex - Strappy flat sandal
    Flexible Soles
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  • Mounis - Strappy flat sandal
  • Fandra - Sling back flat sandal
  • Adwerrandra - Flat sandal
  • Thiratha - Thong sandal
  • Tatyx - Thong sandal
  • Woema - Flat sandal
  • Lothelalian - Slide sandal
  • Cobbswell - Flatform - Wedge sandal
  • Goani - Slide sandal
  • Onerran - Flat sandal
  • Perwell - Flatform - Strappy wedge sandal
  • Eteiven - Slide sandal
  • Acaswen black by Aldo Shoes - Main
  • Glaeswen - Slide sandal
  • Galalelian - Thong sandal
  • Kedaredia - Flat sandal
  • Ereras - Slide sandal

Warmer temps and longer days only mean one thing...that's right, it's time to bare your toes and show off that pretty pedi with some cute flat sandals for women! Want a little boost without compromising on comfort? Opt for our kitten heel and mid heel options for an instant pick-me-up. Flip flops, strappy sandals, slip-on slides, mules...No matter the occasion, we've got a flat for that! Want to dress up or down? Look no further than our casual sandals or dress sandals to spice up your every outfit.

Looking for something a bit more eco-friendly? We've got a whole sustainable collection designed with planet-loving materials. For those who prioritize comfort, our flexible sole and wide width sandals are the perfect options for you. Add on some shoe care products like insoles for an even more comfortable fit!